"Your time is running out
You cannot spare this life
Now you must embrace the inmost light"

David Tibet (via antitacta)

"Just work. Don’t wait. Everybody’s waiting until they have the perfect idea to start working. Even if you have an inkling of what you want to do, start moving towards it. And it’s going to flesh itself out through the process of moving towards the goal. And by the time you get to where you’re going to be, it’s not going to look anything like it did when you sat on the couch thinking about it. And if you wait until it’s perfect in your head before you get of the couch and start working on it, that’s never going to happen."

Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, speaking with Time.  (via floatingonatidalwave)

(Source: adriennes, via sharpedlamb)

My boyfriend:

wish you could see this hot blonde girl…she’s got big titties.. a fat round ass, tattoos…she looks like a bad Bitch.

yeah but what are the tattoos of?

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